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Rowan Meskimen

Video Editor


Rowan Meskimen

Post Production Editor - Chicago

As a spirited, professional artist, I believe in putting my skills and creativity at the forefront of my work for all my clients to experience. I'm passionate about what I do and look forward to sharing my next projects with you.


While my background and formal training focuses on Film and Television, I also pursue creative projects that align with my specific interests. I love to pull from my experience as a musician to produce fun and imaginative Music Videos. 

Additionally, my experience in a commercial advertising setting have greatly increased my media management skills, including: archiving projects for long term storage, transcoding footage for editorial, and generating deliverables to spec for clients. 

Interested in my work history?

  • LinkedIn

Check out my full CV for a more indepth description of my skills and responsibilities. 

Social Media

@rowancuts - @reelingfilmfest

Below is an assortment of Social Media projects I have worked on.

@reelingfilmfest is the official TikTok page for the Reeling International Queer Film Fest held right here in Chicago. 

@rowancuts is where I showcase my social media skills.

Image by Adrian Hernandez


Chicago, IL 60613

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